Wanted: Coiled framing nails, just a few pieces

This is random but maybe someone can help me out.

I have a Bostich coil framing nailer (N80CB) of good physical appearance but unknown working condition, that I want to throw up on ebay. I need a few nails to test with, don’t want to buy a whole box from the store.

15 degrees, metal collated, between 1-1/2" and 3-1/2" long. I’ve never used a coil nailer.

If anyone has some coiled framing nails lying around and doesn’t mind clipping off a dozen to send me, I’d be grateful. Of course I’ll throw in a few dollars.

I’m in Dirty Jersey.

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Pictures! I may be interested.

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I have the box.

If it’s working as it should, I’m looking to get about $100 for it. Which I think is a steal?

Hope you make a vid of you shooting stuff with it from far away… cans, bottles, 2 liter bottles of colored liquid… just cuz.

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Home depot, ask to find the right size and check it.

Sorry can’t figure out what you said? :slight_smile: I need a few nails to test the gun with. A box of nails is like $50.