Wanted anti spark switch diy pcb?

wondered if anybody knows if there is a diy anti spark thred going and if anybody has 2 pcbs for sale?
as id like to build them

I have a few Vedder v2 or v3 switches with components on them.

hi are they cheep need 2, version3 looks good, judy looking for a suitable switch, are they latching or momantary switches, thsnks

this design supports the latching type switch, Let me see if I can find a pick of one…

id be interested if they were cheep as im on a budget, if not ill knock a few up myself on a bit of vero
was thinking of this one

for the pcb w/fuse and lacking switch as pictured above 15$ each,

ill tske two please

i plan to have two larg motors will 40 be enough
your in the states im from the uk would it be easier and chesaper to sell me two pcbs?
kind of ket the impression its at cost, ie no profit thanks very much

these are ok for systems under 50A so single drives. Once you up your amps with 2 motors they don’t do well, loop keys are one option and we have some small switches that are made for higher amp systems.

So your battery, escs and motors will dictate what type of switch you can use.

would it be poss to buy just pcbs for one capable of 2 motors.

the other switches we have come premade from the factory.