Want to buy wowgo2s esc

I got some new maytech hub motor clones on ebay to replace my dying diyeboard hubs.

The meepo v2 esc I am using is finicky at times and would be slightly unpredictable .

I was wondering if anyone’s got a wowgo 2s ESC laying around I can buy before I order a new one. I heard wowgo’s ESC’s are alot smoother

Thanks :slight_smile:

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I got the backfire 2s esc, same exact thing


Are you sure wowgo esc will work with maytech clone hubs? I had a wowgo esc but could not get it to work on some maytech style hubs.

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oh snap!

I bought these ones off ebay:
Anyone can provide insight on if this’ll work or not with the wowgo 2s ESC?

I had these and it did not work. I broke my wowgo esc trying to get it to work. Well maybe my wowgo was broke first. But good luck.

thanks for the heads up!