W-wheel ADC adapter (will do brake lights!)

See below.

claims to work with any Vesc. Will see.


This is actually very interesting personally speaking. My biggest issue with ditching the stock Kelly ESC for something VESC based is that I would have to separate all the rest of the bike controls like lights and turn signals out to switches.

How would u hook up a two-way throttle to show a brake light with this? I see inputs for brakes alone.

Not sure. I’ve only seen throttles with the brake having a cable for on/off signal. Usually cuts throttle input or triggers brake light.

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I need something like this for the scoot.
Seems odd to me that it’ll run all that off of 5v/12v jst pins. I assume youd have to be pretty cognizant of how much draw all the auxiliaries will pull.

Will do brake lights! Claims to work with all vescs. Will see.

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you’d look like a mad man with a airplane cockpit number of switches

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Well either way the switches are still needed…

Bike already has rocker switches for turn signals and speed mode selection.

Another rocker switch for low and high headlight

A button for the horn

Brake light is activated through the brake levers

Then another button for power on/off

It would take a lot more relays and rewiring though under the cover as they’re all running through the esc currently. They’d all require new hookups to a step down converter vs the esc acting like the main hub.

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I think you’re using another esc and all the vescs I see only put out .5 amps at 12v . I don’t see much value with this thing as I’ll still need a stepdown converter. The rear brake light is the reason I ordered it.

That is what is surprising/concerning to me as well… Where is this board able to pull enough amps from to run the rest of the stuff (headlight primarily)

I think u mean it could still be a lot of current going through it from the stepdown to lights.

I’m confused about its safety claims. I thought an ADC input was already safe and redundant but they write that if the throttle became disconnected it can be stuck accelerating and this protects against that. I’ve had issues with ppm remotes and boards doing that

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spintends and i believe trampas larger vescs run 12v 3amp
but they designed it for use with there vescs. most vescs need a step down for lights anyway if you want to run them of the internal battery.


Will you be selling anymore? I really hope so

Not me, just saw the listing and thought it was interesting