[W] Bestech d140 -12s li-ion BMS [H] Paypal

Looking for only 1 and am located in the USA.

@BuildKitBoards sells them on his website

Those are out of stock. I’ve been looking for one myself.

Honestly I’m about to just order from china

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They are out of stoc, but thanks.

Ah drats I had the 10s selected. Sorry! God luck with the search :smiley:

I tried to find a 12s in the US but just had to order 2 from litechpower.com(China). Even @thisguyhere doesn’t have 12s in stock.


@BuildKitBoards your call to stock more!

I have one in my cart from there lol. I almost cried when I seen the $42 shipping. Luckily there’s a cheaper option.

How long is shipping to the US from there?

Ordered on 07/23, got a instant email saying they need 3-7 days for production and got another email on 07/27 with tracking number saying need 10-30 days to arrive. I am still waiting.

I guess if you use the $42 shipping it would be much faster.

Ok thanks for the info

Someone should organize a GB for these.

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Exactly what I was thinking


usually 2-3 week max to US for me…ordered a good few times from them…usually pretty efficient and quick unless its chinese new year then the whole world is fucked while china goes on vacation lol