VX1 V6 Wiring Connection > Prototipo. Advice Please

Advice needed wiring up the V6 VX1 to my Proto as it initially seemed like straightforward swap from original Remote.

I have cross referenced with this HOW TO; install the Flipsky VX1 remote in the Prototipo (DSS60/DSS50+) - YouTube but had not noticed the additional lead from Lacroix and this HOW TO; install the Hoyt puck remote in your Prototipo (DSS60 & DSS50+) - YouTube which of course is a straight swap.

I’ve updated the vesc firmware to 5.3 and vx1 works but have no board battery info via remote or recognition of board with vesc app. Can anyone let me know how to correctly wire this with the cables included with the vx1 please ?

(Pic is how it is now with included V6 blue wire connected only to VX1 receiver)


Also, is there any particular reason why Lacroix state in the vids above not to use Smart Reverse ?

the single loose wire goes to battery V+ line, then u will have battery indicator, but don’t forget to set the remote to read either 6s, 8s, 10s or 12s (it doesn’t support any odd number series, or abover 12s)


this has nothing to do with the remote.
the stock ble module on the prototipo was an HM10 and vesc tool won’t talk to it.
on ios, xmatic, and yours truly will. not sure which app on android works with the hm10.


some folks consider reverse dangerous?

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Thanks - but where in the top photo is that ? (Noob alert lol > we all have to start somewhere !)

Also, is it possible to get the board recognised within the Vesc app ?

Lol - really ? Is that all ?


yeah. idk their reason, just a wild guess.

but all three reverse modes work.

I used to use both current w/reverse and hyst reverse on a proto. those are considered more dangerous than smart reverse. (because of breaking traction and spinning reverse when braking. )

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wtf @fessyfoo how could smart reverse possibly be dangerous lmaoo

I love smart reverse for street

Full current mode for mtb is great though


I would very much like Vesc and Proto to be great buddies. How can I achieve this ?

wherever the red wire comes out from the end of the battery pack, and before going into any what looks like to be a splitter. technically u can put it anywhere along the V+ line between end of battery pack and esc, but i just prefer it to sit closer to the pack.

yes, but idk how with a hm10

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vesc and proto are great buddies. I assume you mean vesc_tool.

change bluetooth module to one that supports vesc_tool. can’t advise there. I used metr and now robogotchi, which are a bit more than just a ble module.

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yeah Idk, some people don’t like reverse… I was just guessing lacroix might be in that group.


So - into this connector should be ok ?

Thanx a lot for your help with this


yup, either side of the xt60 connector will be fine, just make sure there is no tension on that loose wire. i’ve had that wire got flying around inside the enclosure and pop my antispark switch, better tape it down also if u can

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