VOYAGER ~ Redember Shuggah #001 Sender Skates Edition ~ Psychotiller TKP Trucks ~ BKB 6374 ~ 10s4p ~ Gummies

Actually, I got it from Wanderer back on the builders forum. He made it for a really cool build back in 2015, but never got around to finishing the project. Right around the time I was trying to design my own, he put his board up for sale and I asked if I could purchase just the trailer hitch. I’m a decent welder but don’t own a rig for myself and figured his hitch was just the metal version of what I had 3d-printed anyways. He made only one and I don’t know if he’s still around anymore, so I’m sorry to give you bad news in that regard. Here’s the original topic for those who haven’t been around quite as long as Jamie, Damon, and myself: The Heavyweight | Custom Deck | Roja Hybrid Trucks | SK3 6374 149kv | Custom Hub Motors | 10S3P | VESC - ESK8 Builds - Electric Skateboard Builders Forum | Learn How to Build your own E-board

Thanks by the way for the compliments - means a lot coming from a great builder like yourself.