VOLOKNO MDB – Composite electric mountainboard deck- SOLD

VOLOKNO MDB – Composite electric mountainboard deck. Complete with M4 steel inserts for battery enclosure. Raw finish on top of deck with some glue residue from previous grip tape which was removed. Bottom of deck has 3mm thick high density foam pad installed.
I Purchased it new direct off VOLOKNO before the Russia Ukrain war and then assembled into an unfinished build. Never ridden and brand new otherwise. I am selling as I have decided to change deck styles.
The original battery case is not available and not for sale. Unlike the board which is quite thick the original enclose was super thin and, in my opinion, not a very good enclosure. You’re better off getting one from the dedicated suppliers of enclosures and drilling to fit this deck.
Deck is the heavier of his options but still has plenty of flex as it is a fibreglass and basalt composite. The weight of the deck standalone is 3.9 kg or 8 lbs and 9 oz.
Total length is 91cm or 36 inches
Max deck width is 29cm or 11.5 inches, and centre of the deck is 23.5cm of 9 & 1/4. Inches
Holes drilled for mountain board trucks. Some small chips around the holes on the underside from the gel coat coming off when the holes were drilled. These are hidden when the trucks are bolted up and are only a cosmetic fault.
If you want stainless steel M4 cap screws with anodised aluminium washers added please let me know what colour, there are a total of 18 needed for the deck. Cost of an additional $40 for the fasteners and washers upon request.
Original deck value 300 USD (I already paid duties and taxes)
Selling for $160 USD - buyer pays PayPal fees and shipping costs.
If you want the fasteners its $200 USD even
All prices are fixed and non-negotiable.
Sending from Houston TX USA.
Jon Doe - Invoice - 0002.pdf (82.3 KB)

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Looks very nice - do we have any idea if a Kaly enclosure would fit on it?

So I went to Kaly’s page and got a snap of his XL deck dimensions to compare.

And what do you know, it looks the russian ripped off Kaly’s design. Its only 1cm shorter but a little wider so you cannot hold me to this but from my estimation, it would fit. That said, the risk is on the buyer.

It was a well known fact that the design is similar but the material layup is very different

Anyway, good to know.

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sure , my guess is this deck has more spring and flex, with kaly deck being far stiffer but probably a little lighter with the carbon fibre composite vs fiberglass basalt…

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These volokno decks are heavy as fuck, but the flex is magical. I rode the street version at carve, and it had such a nice flex to it.


I think it’s important to note the mass of the deck is only relative to the total build weight. So if your running a double stack 12S 8P battery pack the overall weight penalty of this deck is less than 10% of the total which is really not noticable. However if your running a single stack smaller pack then it would be likely a lot more noticeable in the feel of the ride.


I kind of want it but I have no idea what build I would do with it right now haha

Some inspiration for you , some of the old progress pics with the double stack battery enclosure.


Does look pretty nice

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Is the deck naked? Or fritted? That texture on top is confusing to my eye

Its the raw finish from the guy in Russia. Feels like glass matt with resin and the vacuum bag creases on it. I was not impressed by the quality of the finish and I sanded down the creases a little then put grip tape over the top. SInce then I have removed that grip tape there is some Glue residue. Frit would not be a bad idea or grip tape. As I said in the description above, its a raw finish. I don’t know how else to describe it. Also take the price into consideration, I lose so the buyer does not have to. This is a good flex deck for a DIY build but its not up to the same standards as a Kaly and it is also not priced here anywhere near that.

What deck are you going with instead?

I have not decided yet.