VescTool BLDC mode no hall sensors detected

currently I’m trying to set up dual motors in BLDC mode with hall sensors enabled. When I do a motor detection the ‘‘Detected hall sensor table:’’ is always empty though.

The sensors do work in FOC mode, but I’m afraid of running FOC on 4.12hardware.
Same behavior for both motors, am I missing something here?

Possible bad advice warning

Can you do the detection in FOC, write down the hall values and then manually enter them once you change to bldc mode?

I have no idea if this would work or not, but that’s what i would try.

Probably not a good idea, because the values from FOC mode are 3digit values, while the ones from BLDC are 1digit.


Haha i’m glad i added the disclaimer then :rofl:

@Tony_Stark knows stuff and things about bldc mode


Or maybe I just run them FOC anyways? :thinking:
I only burnt one so far because of this :fire: :firecracker:

Or sensorless bldc. Sensors are for wussies anyway

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Not an option, mountains and hills everywhere where I live

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Sensor detection looks successful in the screenshot tho. You set it to hybrid mode right? Have you tried spinning up the motors after applying everything?

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Is your sensor switch on 3.3V instead of 5V?

Nevermind, just saw this is a 4.12, but leaving this here to help others reading in the future


Have you verified with a meter or scope that the sensors are actually working?

Indeed they were detected successfully just not shown in the line I highlighted… silly me

thank you made me fix this much quicker

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I’m using sensored mode, should I switch to hybrid?

Yeah use hybrid. Sensors dont work well at high speed.

No worries.

If you experience some stuttering on takeoff there is a setting in one of the advanced tabs called hall sensor extra samples. You can try increasing this to 4 or 5 to clean up sensor noise


Since they got rid of this in the latest firmware, anyway to get around it?

I’m definitely still experiencing cogging on startup unless I use sensors up to a higher erpm… which is sketch.

Not that I know of. They moved it to the sensor table in FOC. I run FOC now days as the performance is better after tweaking. I definitely miss the noise though

Alright after AVS I need to mess with FOC detection values. Cause I don’t like this cogging.

time to run fw <5 :joy:

Honestly though the updates don’t affect BLDC mode afaik so running an older firmware is the best option for BLDC. Just means the stupid phone app won’t show stored telemetry

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