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VESC6+ fault LED

During my last ride, going about 40kmh, VESCs cut out power and send me into wobbleland. After I come to a stop board wouldn’t respond, wand screen is frozen too.

After restarting, everything worked fine, but the master VESC (with the BLE module) has the red fault light on. Hooked it up to vesctool, printing faults in terminal gives no results.
Didn’t have metr logging on unfortunately.
What could it be? :confused:


What version of firmware is running on your Vesc’s?

the latest one, 4.02

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I think you have to re create the situation in situ…becaue if you shut off your board, no faults will be shown…Going 40 km/hr and sudden wobble it is really dangerous. I think you should consult at @Trampa how to proceed for your safety before you go ridding again…

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Noo man!!

Talk about ironing out kinks… I’m going to try to remember to start metr religiously from here on out and I’ll encourage you to do the same. I am wondering if it was an overcurrent fault or a shorted phase lead.

With motors plugged in do you get any odd additional resistance when turning the motors, especially on the one plugged into the beach showing the fault light? Did you inspect the PCBs to see if any components look fried such as the DRV?

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Couldn’t miss that nice weather, went on a long-ish ride with metr on.
Had zero issues, but that red light is still on… :sweat_smile:

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Some people report drv faults on 4.xx and when they downgrade to a safe 3.xx fw it becomes fine :man_shrugging:t2:

Could give it a try

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@Trampa help

Did you re-flash the FW already?

reflashed -> rebooted -> detection -> nrf pair = everything works but the red fault LED is still on on the master VESC…
Is there a way to retrieve what’s triggering it?

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Connect to the vesc tool and type in ‘faults’ to the console

thats what I’ve seen as the process to retrieve faults, but only for Focboxes… It’s probably the same tho

Did that already, that’s why I’m kinda stuck :sweat_smile:

No faults registered since startup

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Ah my bad. X_x

I will try to get some first hand information about that. Personally I would try to SWD PROG the unit and then see if the fault is still there. Either ist is software related or hardware realted. The best way to check the software side is a clean install via SWD.

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Did that, red light still on =(


It was water ingress. Surprised it ran at all after this…
@Trampa this is not salvageable I’m assuming? :face_with_head_bandage:

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I would start by cleaning it real good, tooth brush and clean water, isopropyl alcohol if you have at hand


Yes, clean it! and the conformal coat it. Personally I would be careful using it in future.

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Reporting back for the record.

Cleaned it thoroughly with qtips and denatured alcohol, then a couple layers of conformal coating.
Been doing 40km rides every day with no hiccups at all, fault LED is off.

These VESCS are tuff, ford tuff :sunglasses:


Colour me impressed, that was more salt and mineral than VESC at that point.