VESC tool setup foc help

Hey guys, first diy build, haven’t blown anything yet but need some reassurance on my VESC tool settings.
2 questions to start with probably more to come. Here’s the details:
Flipsky FSESC 6.6 based on VESC w heatsink rated 200A
Got the antispark switch
Running two flipsky 6374 190kv battle hardened on their 8in off-road kit
Got two LiPos in series each one is a 6 cell 10AH Turnigy (12-24C discharge 222.0wh 6 cell 22.2v)

So question 1, my LiPo’s are on storage charge levels, should I fully charge them before running VESC tool or no matter?

Question 2, for the setup guide do I choose Liion (no option for LiPO) and am I choosing 12 cells series and 20AH?

Thanks heaps

Q1: As far as I’m aware input voltage doesn’t matter during setup

Q2: Since you are putting the lipos in series, it’s a 12s 10Ah battery. If you put them in parallel, then you’d have a 6s 20Ah battery. But yes, select Liion in the motor setup wizzard. You can adjust specific cutoff voltages later under the motor tab.

P.S. There’s no way that ESC can actually handle 200A, so lookup what other people are using to find out what’s safe on that ESC :laughing:


I would run that ESC on max 100 Amps, Flipsky ESCs are quite the lottery.

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Even this seems high. Give it a try on 60 motor amps/ 30 battery amps per side, and then change according to how much more torque you want.

Well I meant 100 motor amps total, so 50 per side. 60 would be also okay I think.

Ah. Motor amps aren’t normally added up like that. I think it can handle 50 motor amps per side just fine.

My bad then, should have made myself more clear.

Thanks guys, it got to midnight and I called it a day, will finish setup tonight.
Another couple of questions, I ripped off the plastic wrap around the esc when I got it but now realise it was probably good to leave it on and just pierce it where the plugs go in, any tips on best way to wrap protect the esc inside my pelican case? My case has the form padding insert shall I just cut a nice gap and slot it in there or do I need something special?

*foam padding

if its sealed good i wouldnt bother but you can put everything in shrink wrap and compress it and tape the sides but i would only do it if you like to ride in rain

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Ok, I used the setup wizard and put in 15:72 ratio based on Flipsky instructions. I’ve gone into motor settings and started trying to input based on advise above (aiming for 30A per motor to start with) but then got a little lost. I’ll post all the settings in each tab as images in reply to this. Thanks again in advance for all your help

Better to reduce the Battery Current, rather than the Motor current. Most of the tabs you can ignore, there are only a few settings you need to do.

Step 1: Run FOC wizard (leave Motor current as is)

Step 2: Battery Current Max/Regen (Current Tab) - Set this to 50% of your battery current limit (per wheel current)

Step 3: Write Motor Config

That is all you need to change

Thanks man, I took the cautious approach and halved it again so have 30A on each motor and -5A on regen as the charging is rated much lower than discharge. Seems to be ok

On another note, all the you tube guides say not to worry about which motor cable you plug into which cable on the esc but don’t really explain why. I noticed after configuring when i disconnected motors to sort out my enclosure and reconnected the wheels weren’t in the right direction anymore, is this because i switched some of those around? A quick re-setup through the vesc tool solved the problem but maybe i should get some coloured tape or heat shrink so I don’t make the same mistake again?