VESC Tool Mobile App Gone?

What happened to the VESC Tool in the Google Play store? I was trying to download it, but I can no longer get a hold of it.

I primarily use Yours Truly on iOS for logging/recording rides but I was hoping to update my VESC FW using the VESC Tool on my Android device over BLE. Does anyone have any recommendations on how to do this without having to open my board up and connect to my PC?

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You might have to get it from their website, not sure why it’s gone on the store

You can get it from the VESC Project site. It’s free and includes the APK which you can load manually.

I remember @trampa saying something about Google being really strict about how the app accesses the sd card and they had to make a special version for the play store… maybe that wasn’t restrictive enough.

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Right on! Thanks for the info :slight_smile:

Google took it out of the store because it uses the GPS and needs access to positioning when you use the logging functionality.
Vedder needs to send them an explanation and a video and then it will go back online.
Until then you can use the apk from the VESC-Project website. That version will not update! So once the App is back in the Play Store, you should reinstall it from the Play Store.
We hope that next week it is back online.


Is it available for iOS yet? ETA?