VESC TOOL 1.07 Link(?)(important)

Does anybody have VESC Tool software that supports 3.53 firmware?
I think it would be 1.07 VESC tool not sure about it tho. I found out that the .bin file when flashed on my previously non working ESC with a discovery board somehow cancelled all the errors but I need the right software to run detection with 3.53 firmware.

did you try downloading the most recent version from

the commit you are looking for is here

I think i have the vesc tooll from 1.08 upwards. Not sure if 1.08 supports 3.52 though.

Here you go. I have some versions on my pc, since when, I don’t know.


Oh thank you very much. Yeah the thing is my FSESC blinks red and doesn’t listen to any commands on some of the VESC tool firmwares. I found that it has no errors and works on some certain versions of the FW. Not sure where that’s coming from tho. I also tried the newest Ackmaniac tool and its working fine! The only problem I have with Ackmaniac is that it doesn’t support my FS bluetooth module and doesn’t display any info. Thank you very much tho! I’ll have to switch the Firmwares.

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For any FW/SW compatibility check, you may find this doc useful :

I try to keep it updated when I have enough time.


A lot of work went into this I see. Thanks for your research!

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