VESC setting on a chinese budget board (OB Bamboo)

Here are the specs of my board, just wanted to get some insight on the settings.

10s4p 18650ga cells 40a discharge
FSECS 6.6 mini
6368 170kv (motor detection 51a)

Per vesc:
motor current max: 45a
motor current max brake: -45a
Absolute max current: 80a

battery max: 19.25a
battery max regen: -11a


11amps.braking is going to be nothing, same with battery max.


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I usually do atleast 14amps for breaking

my hesitation on this is the chinese bms that came with the board. Can it take 14a per vesc?

trying to go under the 40a cont max from the battery pack. 19.25a per vesc sounds reasonable no?

I read “chinese board” and expected some $300 garbage with a vesc 4.12 slapped on.

Pleasantly surprised by your board! :slight_smile:


I only changed the esc and wheels, the battery is the limiting factor.

That’s why i’m questioning the vesc settings.

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Very nice looking board :+1:

I think the VESC settings is fine, you could probably set the battery max to 20a and have battery regen at -12

The motor max 45a and motor brake -45a is the same as what I’ve had on my Flipsky 4.2 dual VESC so they should work well :slight_smile:

What wheel pulleys did you use for the drive wheel tho?

I’m using 38T wheel pulley. 15T for the motor.