Vesc setting help

Sorry max break is at - 50
Low speed and high speed breaks are weak
I’ll change them tomorrow
Getting a little bit of clogging on start up as well besides that feels good

Can you show how you conntected two single focboxes to a split ppm? I foud out that split could fry vesc.

Let me have a think about this even better I will take a pic this week end and send it to you

Did u get this sorted or do you still need photo

Connect the remote receiver PWM to one FOCBOX with all 3 wires: black, red, and white.

Connect the remote receiver PWM to the other FOCBOX with just one wire: white.

I’m often getting what I assume are overcurrent shut downs and can’t figure how to stop it. I adjusted the max power or amperage as high as possible. I forget exactly what I’m talking about and don’t have it in front of me.

So what was the fix?

He may be referring to increasing “Absolute Maximum Current” to the highest setting it will allow for your hardware. Which I’d recommend anyway, the hardware manufacturer should be coding this into their firmware.

Is that by manufacturer specs? Or whatever pops up on vesc tool when you update firmware?

I didn’t fix it. Luckily it’s on a bike and just an annoyance. I don’t have any data to know what current I actually hit but with enough throttle it stops working.

@b264 I’ll have to look at the absolute setting again but think I set it as high as possible or at least something very high

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