Vesc recommendation

Any recommendations for a decent low price vesc? Got a dual motor low amp 36v setup.

Used OG focboxes are pretty good and usually not too pricey. I’d say avoid flipsky products but I run a 4.20 dual at very conservative settings myself and so far so good.

There’s also the upcoming TB esc’s whihc should be here relatively soon as well as Jeff’s NEObox which is also not for sale yet.


I for now can only vouch for Torqueboards 4.12 vescs. Been running them for a year now on my MTB. Lots of offroading, speed rides, hills and a fat rider on 8" pneumatics. They work really nice.

Will receive 2x Neobox v6 esc’s in a few days.


A FlipSky 4.20 dual plus is good up to 50a, and they are cheap. A set of focboxes would be great. Depends on what you want to spend and the speeds you wanna go.

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Focbox looks cool. Can’t seem to be able to find any cheap used ones though.

Tbh, get whatever is cheapest. If we’re talking 36V, <30A/motor, pretty much anything will work.

I think that’s 2x 4.12 (V)ESCs for as little as $50 each, or a close 2nd is the maker-x dual @ $120.

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Thank you for the suggestion. I may go with Flipsky as I am on a budget.


There’s This

With coupon code Esk8vip it’s $120
Has a remote and antispark. It’s pretty limited in that there’s no uart.
There’s a few reviews on it here but I can’t find them right now.
@BillGordon linked me too the reviews before so I know they’re here somewhere.


I have done some weird stuff with my build using 4 individual FSESC’s and no issues.

Long battery leads, long motor leads and sensor leads, one plug in with Sparks, multiple resets and reconfigurations still no problems even though I am stupid.

If Maytech has a vesc I would probably buy from them as they actually have pretty good customer service and I have had better service from them than most American companies.


Oh that’s very interesting. What sort of functionality do you miss out on without uart? Was thinking about picking up some motors too do you happen to have any other coupons?

You miss out on Bluetooth and other monitoring options as well as some remotes.

That coupon was posted on the forum by Boundmotor, it works for there hub motors as well. I have no experience with those and haven’t seen any reviews

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Humm. Would be nice to use the vesc tools app.