VESC Questions & Tips & tricks

I would strongly encourage anybody with braking current this low for fear of damaging cells, to go and find some metr data from a similar build and observe braking currents in said data.


That’s a really good point:

Negative 35 is the worst I’ve done and iirc it was an emergency stop. Didn’t realize i was hitting 140a motor so consistently ¯_(ツ)_/¯

And that would have been a spike for a fraction of a second


Okay but what about the data sheet, pretty sure it says if the cell ever sees anything even slightly beyond the spec they will instantly explode soooo

/s for the dummies out there


I know you’re be hyperbolic but the sheet does say 10a pulsed, 6a high continuous and 2a continuous for the preferred . If you dig into the testing method and plotted the cell charging amps vs time you could probably get real cell max input numbers for short duration high amp input capacities… what you would probably find though is that you can’t max them out with these conditions unless you go get some crappy unbranded non power cells.

All my peak negative battery amps, and im on the brink of loosing traction and leaning hard, are fractional seconds.

That would require actually reading the entire datasheet, and understanding/properly interpret it. Not common in this hobby

Big oof there. It is nice to throw things up here and get feedback though, there is definitely a good market for discourse. Generally most people on here are good at putting bounds on what they know vs what they just think is the best. I try to make my opinions obvious and facts sourced as best i can.

For as un moderated as this forum is it seems to be holding up… for all 50 or so of us lol


As someone who was in the esk8 industry, I’ve lost all hope for the average esk8er


It’s all perspective


Hi guy’s I’m very new.
I’m sure some will laugh but I ordered a board off Amazon.
A Gosmilo, I charged it up took it around the block.
I was thrilled!
Then I downloaded the app the owners Manuel advices me to do. Vesc
Instantly the board went haywire.
Is there something simple I am missing.

Return it if you can. Seriously.


Is that a one wheel or a skateboard? If thats what i think it is it is a vesc based knockoff one wheel? If you messed up the settings in vesc tool? Is what it sounds like this won’t be the best place to find help setting the balance wheel back up. You might be able to get the correct setting info from the manufacturer/distributer. The china based companies seem to respond better on whatsapp so I would start there.

Honestly it’s probably just you accidentally overwriting the settings while messing around and can be set straight by a cs rep

The VESC programming application is not a consumer-friendly control interface. It should only be used by the engineers. It also has a habit of making dangerous suggestions, like for example aggressively suggesting firmware updates (rewrites) without knowing anything about the user or use case. For an Amazon seller to suggest that a consumer use it on a balance vehicle (which are even more difficult to program) is completely ridiculous.

I would definitely return it unless you can get the manufacturer to actually support you, and not just feed you copypasta, which involves sending you the XML application and motor settings files. ANY action by the seller that ISN’T sending you two XML files from the company’s engineering team, I would return it immediately. And even then, I would probably return it, because it’s likely very low quality and might break shortly after it’s repaired anyway.

This is much better advice than mine. There are equivalent better non future motion options. Sucks that fm is so litigious about killing their market but thats why i dont have one ¯_(ツ)_/¯