Because the Forum on the VESC - Page ist not very active, i try it here. :slight_smile:
I using the VESC based Controllers (4.2 and 6.6) with hoverboard hubmotors now for 5 Years now and still have alot of questions.

a) The most general: Does anybody know a good Wiki explaining all the feautures and settings?
b) Has anybody managed to get the 20 Pole Hubmotors runnig in Silent HFI - Mode?
c) has anbody managed to get smooth runnig with Hallsensors and PID controller below 100 erpm ?

Thanks alot and kind regards

Julian T.

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I’m not personally used to the HFI settings so I won’t be able to help you much
I’m sure those questions has been asked a lot though, you should try to play with the search tool

If it’s not enough, @b264 is your man

Just from my experience, this is going to be nigh impossible. The erpm can fluctuate more than that just while stopped, it’s probably within the error bars of the measurement.

Thx alot for the quick replies. As far as i see there is a automatic open loop start up for sensorless mode. Maybe we will get this “Start up mode” for PID controlled Set RPM commands together with Hall Sensors?

Do you think HFI mode will help? or is the HFI angle resolution as bad as Hall Sensor?

Is it possible that HFI mode is not working because wrong detected values? I get Motor Resistance (R) : 180 mOhm (this is correct)
L: 770uH
Ld-Lq: 920uH
Flux Linkage: 5,9 mWb

Kind regards Julian T

What motor is this?

Sorry for the late answer.
27 stator poles with 30 magnets, from a hoverboard. They have about 17 KV (revoulution per volt)
The L, Ld-Lq values are measured with a vesc 4,2 and a vesc 6 and are always in this range. But the difference from one measurement to a second are about 10 to 20 %.
nice pictures are here: