Vesc Firmware Compilation - Questions [fixed]


If any of you know what it’s going on please help me out, I want to change VESC firmware a little bit to include some neopixels and stuff, BUT, before that I’m only trying to compile the firmware form scratch and get it working.

My problem is that the binary generate by m computer is somehow corrupted, if I upload it to VESC it’s basically “dead”, until I fix it with St Link.

Comparing the binary that my computer generates with the the latest firmwares on GitHub they are completely different!

I’m lost! I tried asking on Vesc forum, but that thing is pretty much dead… =/

edit: Figured out the issue, I needed to use an older toolchain



Would you be able to share the details of the toolchain that you used? I have had no luck get it to compile properly, just following the readme