Vesc Data Log Analyzer

Hi there!

was a long time lurker at the old forum, now is the time for the first post :smiley:

After a LOT of reading i built my board 3 years ago and since then its going strong. I always used to use a Website to look at my Logs (from @ackmaniac Firmware). Sadly the guy who hosted it shut it down and did not provide any source code. So i took a shot on it. You can look up the code at Github and try out a hosted copy at my Website. The only limiting factor for hosting right now is the Map Api usage which i have 200000 requests for free per month (maybe i’ll look into another solution). The site is currently not optimized for touchscreens this will be done in the future week.

The logs do not get uploaded to my server. The site is using javascript to compute all the stuff directly in your Browser.

Just open your Ackmaniac (i dont know if there exists any other firmware with logging feature) log file and look at your ride! You can zoom in on the graphs, just simply drag a rectangle you want to zoom in to. Double click on graph to reset zoom. On the top-right you can open a menu and toggle different Values to show.

Please let me know what you think of it and give some suggestions for improvements.


Wonderful tool, many thanks !


I have a very simple idea of an improvement : could you filter unsynced GPS data ?
Use the last or next known position for example !

When the position is 0.0,0.0, it’s unlikely to be in the middle of the sea …

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Breathing some life into my old HM-10 on Acks… thank you!


Looks like someone took a ride out to NULL island.


Oh yes oh yes! Thank you!!

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small update: for now i just ignore datapoints where lat=long=0

edit: it is also possible to upload multiple logs, they get appended according to their date