VESC command prompts

Hi, so I want to test my VESC, motor, and battery at a constant battery discharge for 30 minutes. I don’t want to do it by just maxing out the remote throttle for the whole time, just want to do it on the PC/phone through some command lines. I can’t seem to find a comprehensive guide on VESC command prompts. How do I do this on the terminal? Pics, links, and guides would help.

Idle motors won’t draw much current, so you’d have to put the board on a constant load like a dyno to do it your way. Another possibility would be an open loop command and just heat the motors. For commands just go to Benjamin Vedders youtube channel, he goes quite in depth with vesc tool.


Use openloop in the command prompt, you can set current there, do it at your own risk tho.

click the questionmark next to the command prompt to see a list of commands.