VESC and motor repair

Hey there fam !
Long time no see :slight_smile:
It’s been actually 4 years, i wasn’t there for a good reason : I created an ebike company and been running it non stop since then. ( for the curious

I 'll take the chance to say a big and warm thank you to all of those who helped me and inspired me back then. Without knowing it you participated in the life path I’ve choosed - people call me an engineer I have yet to go to university hahaha

ANYWAY why are you back Jerome then ?

Because I am back into esk8 baby. I have so MUCH spare parts laying around for years.
I decided to keep only 2 of them.
I will soon have finished and will show the result.

In the meantime i have some broken EScape broken Focbox and two pairs of non working CARVON DD - these things are rare now right ?

I would like to repair everything, but I don’t have a single minute for myself these days.
Does anyone offer this service today ?

Btw happy to have some news of everyone, I can see Lots of things have changed ( enertion died and not evolve ?!? )

Warm tought to everyone of ya even those who are not online anymore <3


@jaykup might be the man you’re looking for. Just had my stormcore and Xenith repaired by him.


Highly recommend @MartinSp hes done a few vesc repairs for me over the years,great customer service all round good dude and in the eu “Slovakia” so not far from ya


I might be able to help with the motors but it depends on what is wrong with them, and I haven’t really offered it as a service before. If the core needs to be re-wound (or whatever the fancy term for it is called) then I won’t touch it though because that is just too tedious and annoying for me to bother with.

I do have a Master’s in Electrical Engineering (lower voltage; not construction EE) and a Bachelor’s in Physics if that helps prove I know what I’m doing motor wise.

I haven’t had any experience with common VESC issues or fixing them so you’d still need someone for that since I’m not willing to learn everything about them on someone else’s hardware.

Assuming the motors worked before do they spin as easily in ur hand or does it feel like it’s filled with honey in which case it’s shorting. If it’s not shorting a wire broke or could be a loose connection that breaks the circuit or is shorting intermittently. Or if it’s kinda moving but gets hot it’s likely a short within the windings. No electrical engineering degree needed. If u can open it and check on the wires and get ur miltimeter in there that’s good and even better is to use an L/C meter and check each phase inductance

This 15$ L/C meter does it all

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I just mentioned my degree since otherwise I have nothing to prove that I know what I’m doing, and that I fully know when it is better to have someone else fix it instead of attempting it myself. But, yeah, you’re right that it isn’t necessary to fix the motors used on eskate as they’re extremely simple design wise.