VESC 4.12 Programming Help

Hey all,

I have a flipsky VESC 4.12 and I’ve been running into a problem trying to set up my motor. When I plug in the VESC, the blue and green light go on and the VESC tool recognizes my VESC. Then it tells me to upgrade my firmware because the one on there is too old. I did that and it loaded to 100% and then failed, and I got the error shown in the picture below.

When I also tried to detect parameters of the motor and spin it, it spins slowly for a quick second and then gives that error below as well.

I’ve heard of trying to flashing the firmware using an STlink programmer or something like that, but can anyone help as to what’s going on? Thanks you in advance!!


your issue looks similar to the one outlined on the vesc forum
perhaps frank @Trampa can assist, he posted a response in the vesc forum thread referenced above.

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That is a third party ESC, not a VESC. Those devices often come without the bootloader. You need to upload the bootloader first. Or do a SWD Prog procedure.

Got it. Thank you for the help!

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Got it! Looks like I need an stlink v2. Read the threads and watched the video as well. Thank you for the help!


Make sure you’re using the newest version of the Vesc tool as well

if you have a second ESC, you do not need a ST-Link. You can use that ESC to flash the bricked unit.