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Vesc 4.12, Flipsky NRF_51 bluetooth module, VX2 Remote

I just got my bluetooth module today and realised that it connect to the same spot as my controller

Anyone has ideas how to connect them together?
I’ve tried soldering the wires together and also connecting 3,3v and 5v wires separately, both of the modules were pairable, but the controller couldn’t see battery percentage and neither i was able to throttle

Do you only have 1 motor?

Only a single motor, when i unsoldered the bluetooth module the controller started to work correctly again, also forgot to mention that i’m using xmatic

That’s gonna be a challenge i think.

There’s a uart splitter available but it’s not recommended to use with a remote. Otherwise a Metr CAN module? Not sure how your budget is.

The main problem for me is the fact that i’m located in europe which affects shipping costs and delivery time which is like 1month+, is there any other ways to connect it on purpose to just read data?

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The metr guys are in europe so shipping is quick.

I don’t think so.

vx2 is UART only and your standard ble module is UART only as well.

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