Venom V2: Viper ~ Hummie Deck | 12S8P Sanyo 20700b | Unity | Haggy Pneumatics | TB218 | G2TB

I am crazy, heres the list.

  • Hummie deck
  • @BigBen 's doublestack enclosure
  • Home baked 12s8p 20700b battery pack
  • Custom batch Maytech motors (special order for something I am building with a friend~coming soon)
  • Haggy 6" pneumatics
  • @Janux-esk8 motor mounts and pulleys
  • TB218 trucks
  • Focbox Unity
  • G2TB remote

Inserts in and flush :smiley:

Artwork (in-progress)

Battery NSFW :sweat_drops:

Soon the battery will be finished, just waiting on insulator rings on the top to finish the last side of the batteries and apply the BMS ! Soon!!


Nice welds, brah


Thanks my dude, it just takes good experience and a whole lot of reading. :slight_smile:

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How are you planning to fit 12s8p with 20700b’s? are you planning to mount the esc on top of the deck?

It all fits inside the enclosure, need to sand down the deck a bit to give me 1-3mm of clearance on the sides to fit the 20700 cells. I am double stacking the batteries as you can see. it fits surprisingly snug.

cool really excited to see how you will fit it without doing much modification to the deck.

this is 12s9p for reference, so youll have to squeez everything in lol


Shoutout to neil

A 9p is just too much for me loool, I just like having the all in one box type of board. No extra extremities if you will. I will take a pic of the cells with the unity soon. Though the extra 12 cells does make a difference in space for a build.

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@Flashgod224, love the artwork and grip :ok_hand: this will be one heavy n sexy ride

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Now that I think of it 12s8p 20700’s would of been a Better idea then my 13s10p pack of 30q’s lol.


Indeed, I would rather clock out at 80amps continuous rather than maybe what a 8p of 30Q’s or more can do. I doubt I would want more range and it’s too bad I only have a 2amp charger for this battery. I estimate about 15hours of charge from 0 to 100 lmao…

Why would you possibly need that much power? If you had EDFs instead of wheels you could actually fly

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long rides? and no range anxiety

and sometimes having to not replace your pack as often (lets say 2 years for a 5p pack and 4 years for a 10p pack) cause you dont charge the pack as much

and cause why not lol

Hey yo, Alan. Are you building a 13s10p?


pssst… :joy:


It’s going to be tight, but tight enough :wink: enough space for a BMS on top of the unity and enough for a receiver. Nothing more and nothing less, spaced well used :slight_smile:


I see your point with pack longevity but also after 2 years there will probably be new better cells available so i guess what I’m trying to say is it’s not horrible if in a couple years you have to replace the battery

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Though this pack will make it long enough so that cells would be either cheap as hell for newer generation cells or something better. This is my long term investment that will take me on the tour de Montreal :stuck_out_tongue:

I will very very annoyed knowing that there will be newer gen Lacroix owners with 12s12p boards. Every time I aim to be on top there is always on top of me still. xD


Though battery longevity can be extended with how you use the battery discharge wise, how fast you charge them and where you stop charging them (ex. 4.19v per parallel group).

If you are able to achieve that, then a pack can last years with minimal wear than it could if you completely abused a battery pack from 100 to 0 and fast charging all the time.

Just waiting on the insulator rings to do the button tops. Maybe need another roll of kapton tape lmao.