Vendor Bashing Rule?

Hey! New here from the builders forum…

Over there we all know the rule against vendor bashing. Does this rule apply here? I’d like to throw my pennies in if a rule hasn’t been established for or against, and maybe spark some discussion for how we could do things better here.

It seems like the rule over there was heavily enforced, to benefit certain vendors, while vendors like DIYE and a few others were bashed to hell openly without a word of the rule against vendor bashing.

I’d hate to see enforcement of a “no vendor bashing rule”, if it becomes a thing, be hypocritical and contradict itself like it was over there, with certain vendors taking flak and others protected to hell no matter what. I think it’s tough enforcing such a rule, because many awesome people who make products we love are here, part of the community itself, while others aren’t so much.

In my opinion, I think issues can be addressed in a civil manner, presenting facts alone.

Ideally, issues get addressed in private. But, as a PSA to the community, maybe some level of revealing facts is allowed? If allowed for one though, it should be allowed for everybody. And if not, whatever should not be allowed for anyone.

Or maybe I missed if a rule existed already… Just asking cause I want to rip damon a new asshole.


I would support a more lose vendor bashing rule, we should be able to express our opinions as long as…

  1. Facts are separated from your opinion, not responding after 24 hours is not the same as ignoring you indefinitely. One is a provable fact and the other is subjective interpretation. AND…
  2. Lies are not mentioned and truths are not exaggerated, not only is it rude to the vendor, it’s rude to the rest of us. Saying a board broke ‘just after being used a little’ when it started cracking after being left in the rain and jumped on by a 450 kilo beast are not the same. Depriving people of valid information also deprives them of their ability to make informed choices about something

If someone posts with the intention to cost a vendor business, that’s just uncalled for. The actions of the vendor should speak for themselves, customers need not speak for them


Fuck I must be a Wookiee over here.

And if a board can’t support 220, what’s it even doing with its life?


My bad, resolved


I like that! Exaggerated claims, and separating opinions from facts. Good points.

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Much better!!!


Well… :wink:

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Precisely this. Only facts(not emotions) should be allowed.

They don’t call me big Z for no reason kiddo . watch it :joy::joy:

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I think the no vendor rule was put in place to mostly protect enertion lol :joy:


The no bashing rule has prevented thousands of “where’s my item” - “x company is shit” - “customer service is a joke” threads from polluting the forum from individuals new to esk8 who don’t understand small scale production and garage built companies with one employee who has another full time job.

If you guys could condense these whiney posts into a single thread that was also only visible to members of the forum who have an understanding of how things work around here I’d be up for it.

If any newly created account could just come on and post a thread stating that x company/person didn’t do what they said they would do in the buyers loosely translated opinion - this forum will go to shit.

Just food for thought my dudes.


> Proceeds to post block of text with little to no relation to the topic :stuck_out_tongue:


Just don’t be a dick. I don’t think it takes a rocket psychiatrist to tell when somebody is going overboard and needs to calm the fuck down.

This is such a hard thing for me personally because some brands i don’t really care at all about and some i really do. And more often than not, the ones i really care about are the ones i’m bashing. I mean if i didn’t give a fuck i wouldn’t put their name into the atmosphere. Either i feel betrayed in some way, or i think they’re just making terrible decisions, and my immediate impulse is to scream at them via keyboard.

The community can get really passionate in this way. I think the important thing is to just be articulate and not go directly for the throat. No threats, no scorched earth Targaryen madness. And if its business, keep it in the PMs.

One of the things that really bugs me is people posting emails and screen shot responses in threads. That shit belongs in PMs. It’s enough to simply say “That guy burned me, he’s probably going to burn you too.” Nobody needs to see your dirty underwear in the process.


First rule should be if you are going to post a negative review you damn well better be giving some businesses positive reviews. If all you want to do is complain, I’m not customer service, and despite being mostly garage businesses I have seen 90%+ effort that exceeds all reasonable expectations from these businesses.

If the goal is to help people filter through the noise then positive reviews are just as valuable as negative reviews.


Rule of life right there.


My Dad used to tell me “you cannot have a valid complaint without a valid solution”. This jives with your comment above, a person cannot have a complaint about a vendor without endorsing other vendors, and be taken seriously. Good on you for saying that in public.

It’s no secret that I have issues with Trampa/Frank. I don’t like some components of their business model and I’ve been pretty vocal about it, but I have offered solutions to the issues as I see them.


I propose all claims be backed with evidence. No He said , she said crap.


Yes this and also I say contact the person first about your concerns before airing out the shit in public. Most of the time it is a simple hey I was sick for a week or hey I’m just really backed up right now I promise I will get it to you soon. If they still ghost you then post about it in the public


My take on it:

Always reach out directly first. Be patient, people have lives and this is not Amazon.

If you’re having issues with a vendor, maybe ask a mod or admin for their take on the issue before blowing any issue up on the forums.

No later order/order status threads of any kind. PM that shit or handle it through business channels. It’s boring and nobody cares but you and the vendor.

No attacks, no name calling. Keep things civil and polite. Respect begets respect.

Whatever issue youre having, it’s probably your fault anyway. This is esk8, I’m surprised this many of us have made it this far.


Oooh, that makes sense then. Important detail to forget lol