Vancouver ESK8 - Altered State - Group Ride Video

Video on YouTube:

Group ride videos always make me chuckle.

Show everything behind the scenes, we’ve all seen a board go down the road. Lets meet the people, see some buttholes, listen to a dad joke, what did everyone eat… that sort of thing.


That’s cool. You should post some of that type of content if that floats your boat. :slight_smile:

100% agree.

Tishawn Fahie’s videos are what got me into going to group rides



You’re welcome to take advice any way you want to my friend.

I can certainly try to incorporate that into one of my next videos. However, I’m usually the one organizing the events so I am always busy orgainzing raffle tickets, route, prizes, etc. That’s actually why you rarely see shots before the ride start in my videos particularly. If I have time to gather “pre-ride” footage or behind the scenes footage at our next event I’ll try to incorporate it. However, to my point, its easy to watch a video and say “you should do it this way because that’s what I like” but you can always do it that way on your own and I can watch your video and others can appreciate it as well.

I wish he was still making these videos. Good stuff.



That was a fun ride - thanks for posting.

Next time if you like I’ll swing by and grab your camera when you’re doing the announcements and the raffle part so you can have some shots of yourself doing that stuff.

My advice also is to have more shots of me and less of everyone else :slight_smile:

Why did you have a second board on your back?

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Thanks! Sounds like a plan! lol If you let me know who you are I’ll be sure to get some extra shots of you next time around. The second board is my original boosted board. Alter Bags was the primary sponsor of that event (hence Altered State) and they had donated a backpack for us to give away at the end of the event. I wanted to show their product in action and I figured it was the least I could do. That being said, I’ve been using it to swap between the two boards and mix it up a bit while going for rides. Comes in handy!

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If I ever make it to one of these group rides I’d gladly take some extra video of behind the scenes stuff and give the footage to you. I end up taking videos and then never using the footage for anything anyway.

I’m too busy and broke to travel right now though :sob:

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One day! We will make it happen. :+1::pray:

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