V1 by ION Drive

It’s probably time to create an official thread dedicated to ION Drive. I’ve been building electric skateboards since 2017 and decided last year to channel the joy and satisfaction that comes from building towards a small business venture.

A little about myself and the adventure that lead me here: The life after cancer thread

These releases are staged in batches and are purpose built with targeted design parameters in mind The goal of the V1 is to be:

  • Lightweight
  • Beginner friendly
  • Assembled with quality non-proprietary components
  • …Sexy

I am only selling boards that are 100% complete and ready to ship. There are six boards currently available for purchase (see details below). All boards were meticulously assembled by myself utilizing the standards I would expect for my own personal boards.

V1 Product Photos:

Video Review:

ION Drive V1
Hummie Carbon Fiber Deck
Custom Hex Griptape
BigBen Single Stack Fiberglass Enclosure
M5 threaded inserts installed with epoxy
12s4p Molicel P26A assembled w/ the Duck Battery Systems PCB (140A discharge potential, 10,500mAh capacity, 7,000 watts)
LLT SmartBMS w/ Bluetooth module (charge only)
BKB Xenith/Focbox Unity
Boardnamics Split Angle CNC’d Precision RKP Trucks
BN 33’/48’ Split Angle Baseplates (designed to sit at identical heights)
BN 220mm Hangers
BN Press Fit 44t Wheel Pulley (w/ integrated support bearings)
BN 16t Motor Pulley
Riptide KranK Barrel Longboard Bushings (87A Front/93A Rear)
Riptide Antisink Plate
M5 Truck Hardware (w/ flanged nylon luck nuts)
Custom Designed IDEA Precision Motor Mounts (anodized black)
ATC Dual Crossbars
Black Hoyt St Zoobomb 111mm wheels
Classic Zealous Bearings (w/ integrated spacers and speedrings)
Dual Flipsky Battle Hardened 6354 190kv Motors (sensored/FOC)
Phase wire connectors converted to MR60 connectors
Flipsky VX1 Remote with 3 speed modes (includes larger 850mah battery and potentiometer wires upgraded)
Fused 5.5 x 2.5mm Port (capable of 8-10A)
12s 2A Wall Charger

Tool-less belt replacement (both belts can be replaced in less than 60 seconds)
Extremely stable, very difficult to get speed wobbles with the split angled trucks
Three different acceleration modes can be managed with remote
Remote displays esk8 battery level and remote battery levels (with 4 LEDs)
Top speed is around 33mph
Range is about 20 miles depending on rider weight and riding style
Lightweight (26 lbs)

Build photos:




(5) Production boards: $1,600 with free shipping in the CONUS
(1) Demo board: $1,400 with free shipping in the CONUS

Contact info:
Instagram: @iondriveboards
Email: iondriveboards@gmail.com
Website: iondriveboards.com (refresh coming soon…)

Albany, Oregon USA

What’s next:
The V2 will either be aimed towards a HV carver or a short track race board.

Dudez I’d like to thank:
@rafaelinmissouri @dskate @IDEA @Boardnamics @BenjaminF @BigBen @hummieee @hoytskate


Congrats on the launch. The V1 was an absolute blast to rip around on.


DUDE. This is very cool. Killer price for all you get.

For anyone considering: this vendor is a long-time, trusted member of the forum who absolutely knows his shit. I would price/compare these against offerings from Superbeast, Defiant and MBoards before buying a new board.


Cleanest hummie boards I’ve seen. Top notch work man.


Thanks Dallas! It was a surreal moment getting to see someone else ride my board in a YT video. I enjoyed getting your perspective on the business and the product.

I appreciate the kind words and the endorsement!

Thanks Alex! That means a lot coming from a builder like yourself.


Just here for the soldering porn


These look killer, put me in for one of the production boards.


Fantastic looking boards and for that money I’d say it’s a steal.


Thank you Sir.

Send me a PM if you are interested. I still have several production boards in stock.

It’s been a long time but Micheal @esk8manbabes was probably one of the first guys to have built a board on the hummie platform. And very well executed it was too. Surfrodz was the order of the day then.


Just connected with a new buyer for the V1. This one is going to Australia! International shipping is now available if the buyer is willing to cover the extra shipping costs.

Thank you @Skyart for the international shipping carrier advice! Much appreciated…


I have a few boards left for sale. Hit me up if anyone is interested!

BTW… I might be willing to offer some basic customization if that would help stir up more interest. Things like installing a different remote or using a different grip tape design are a couple ideas that could be options.


Hi all,
I am now the happy owner of the V1 ‘Demo’ board.
I can confirm that the build quality is exceptional and the board is super responsive with smooth power delivery and braking.
Joshua from ION DRIVE was fantastic to deal with, organising shipment to Australia and providing after sales support in helping me set up the BMS app etc.
I couldn’t recommend this board enough if you are seeking a fun board to carve the streets or commute to work etc.
The limited production run also makes these boards unique, which I personally think is pretty cool.
Happy to respond if anyone has any questions.


Hi Jeff, thanks for the positive feedback! Glad to hear you liked the board. I’m looking forward to hearing more about your riding adventures.


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