Using Dickyho motors with Flipsky FESC 6.6

Hi, I’m eagerly awaiting the delivery of my dickyho 6374 motors tomorrow and am trying to figure out the best way to connect his 5 pin sensor wires to the 6 pin sensor wires on my Flipsky 6.6 VESC. I have 6 pin connectors I can solder to but am wondering what to solder where. Did anyone do this already? Thanks!

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It’s pretty common to use sensor adapters, your motors may even come with some


Look at the wire diagram on the FS website

You want…
Black to ground
Blue to H3
Green to H2
Yellow to H1
None to temp
Red to 5v


Awesome, thanks! Are his wires always color coded? Do you think I can go in order on his connector? I’m concerned about plugging the 5v in to the wrong side.

Those are relatively standard colors, make sure you have the right connector pitch (2.54mm I think but I could be wrong)

All the hall pins can be switched around though, but I assure you it’s always red to 5v and black to ground. Sometimes the temp is white or orange

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FSESC 6.6 DUAL has 2mm XH sensor sockets.

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Thanks for the heads up!

First, I suggest battle harden your motors after 4 months hard grinding magnet become loose battle harden now will save tons of headache and body parts😂. It’s been more than a year now put so much miles still running strong.

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i think your vesc comes with those wires, my 4.12 one did

Interesting. Thanks for the tip. How did you do that?

Just do a search here battle harden. I found a easy way to battle harden my motor using milliput hardening putty less messy easy to cleanup just water

I’m suffering the same issue, trying to use 5 pin sensors into my focbox unity. I’m going to try making an adapter to skip over the temperature sensor, but I’m unsure of the pitch mm going into the unity. Does anyone here know? or where to find this information?

Its 2.0mm