Use the same ADC throttle signal for 2 controller

Hi all,
I‘m thinking of upgrading my e-scooter with a second motor to basically make it all wheel drive.
As the motors are „in line“ and not next to each other, I don’t need them to be perfectly synced.
Can I split the throttle signal and use it on both controllers?
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You can, but if you’re using vesc based controllers you should connect them via CANBUS.


And don’t dual receiver it. Use canbus

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I was thinking of keeping the scooter as is with the built-in controller and only add a 4.20 with an additional Motor in the rear.
So I cannot use Canbus….

Y split PPM scenario then? Or parallel the adc wires to both controllers. It’s not a clean solution but can work.

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Yes you can, just remember not to put 5V on the ADC line. 3.3V maximum.