[USA] WTS new olders avitar v2 (new)

New olders aviator v2 carbon helmet - $250
Brand new with dust bag and extra black visor. (Medium 55-57cm)


Lots of nice parts. Getting in line for the 110s. :joy:

Love my kahua avio set up. Looks a lot worse for wear than yours.


If you part out, dibs on the hoyt puck.

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I’ll take the stormcore if you part it out


Okay I’ll put some prices down.

Comment your best offer and if everything is more or less accounted for I’ll part it out. Price does not include shipping but I’m willing to be flexible.

Deck + Enclosure + mounting hardware - $250 (@LicMystic)

Battery - $350

Stormcore - $350 (@Razillian) backup: @sleepless

Motors - $200 (@malachi1boy98) backup: @Chema

Herringbone gear drive + trucks + baseplates + bushings + pivot cups - $600 (@Chema)

Pneumatics - $200 (@esk8god)

110’s - $75 (@abusfullofnuns)

Hoyt puck - $80 (@Common_good) backup: @sleepless

Second in line for the stormcore and the puck if either fall through

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That Hammock/Kahua/Avio combo is classic. Where are you shipping from?

Shipping from MA, USA

I’ll take the bergs if those are still available

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It seems like the people want a part out. Would anyone want to see me take everything apart, clean it, and take some detailed photos / report the condition of any parts?

Also feel free to shoot your best offers on any of the unclaimed parts. Once 1 or 2 more things get scooped I’ll start sending parts out.


Bump, updated the main post

How wide is the wheelbase? Looking for a drive train for a flux build.

Wheelbase of the board is 29”

The trucks are 11” wide if that’s what you mean @TheRef

I’ll buy the drivetrain and battery.


Dope, I’ll start collecting payments tomorrow and shipping out Monday


I’ll be a backup on the motors too.

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Ok I think I reached out to everyone about payment and shipping. If I missed ya just message me!

Did the hammocks sell?

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Yupp, just the battery and 110’s are left. I also have a brand new carbon new olders helmet if anyone’s interested

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Only asking because it doesn’t say sold, did you sell the talon deck/enclosure?