[USA] [WTS] All New: FOCBOX Unity; 6x2 wheels + tires + sprockets; Torque Board 218mm extended trucks

Hey everyone, I’ve gotten out of the hobby unfortunately :pensive: and want to part out some components I had bought a little over a year ago for a build. All of these are new and unused. Shipping inside of continental USA is included; international shipping can be negotiated. Payment via PayPal please.

DESCRIPTION: This item is unused (open box) and frankly untested but it does have its QC/QA check approve sticker on it. It is being sold As-Is.
PRICE:$325 shipped

ITEM 2: Torque Boards 218mm extended trucks
PRICE: $50 shipped
DESCRIPTION: Unused, I may have mounted to test fit so there are circular scratches on the screw holes but those will be covered up when you assemble your board.

ITEM 3: 6x2 Ali Express wheel kit + mishrasubhransu adapter + gears
DESCRIPTION: This one is a bit more complicated. It’s a full 4x set of the 6x2 tires and wheels from Ali Express ($80 value new + requires shipping from China), 2x adapters from this thread: https://electric-skateboard.builders/t/cheap-ass-6x2-pneumatic-belt-setup-3d-printed-pulley-vex-versa-pulley-thingiverse-link-in-post-534/65559 (~$10 value) and 2x of the required sprocket/gear set (see thread as well) to make them work (I THINK these were like $40 shipped)… so total value here is $130 bucks. I’ll also include 2x 5M 340 belts which I think are the correct size for this set.
PRICE: $100 shipped



Messaged you for that unity

messaged you for item #3

Nothing can go wrong here. These stickers are only given out to the highest of standards


I bet this unity is the perfect one. Can handle advertised specs and doesn’t just randomly die out on you. Will purchase to test out

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Haha it’s the best I can do. If anyone can suggest diagnostics that can be run without a battery (don’t these need to be plugged into a 6s-12s source in addition to the 5v USB to fully power on?) I am happy to oblige. I also only have 1 motor - can these be tested with just a single motor?

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I can provide a receipt via DM proving that I bought the Unity new through Enertion if anyone is interested!

yes they can. but I dont think thats necessary. If you wish to sell it as is thats fine.
I dont think youll have a hard time.

But be aware that Paypal chargebacks can be made if youre lying. thats usually the insurance people have when buying used goods


Item #3 (the wheel system) is sold!

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Item #2 (Torqueboards extended trucks) have been sold.

Unity is still available. Thanks!

bumping this. unity still for sale at $325!

Where was the unity purchased?

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Do notice how the Unity is not sold yet. You might be showing stuff to people via PM, but I suggest you put it here, on your thread. Just maybe.

Unity $325.00 with Q.C sticker approved! Also raptor shop sell it for 196.00 Q.C sticker :v:


Hey Nate, it was purchased directly from Enertion while they were still around. As mentioned above I can provide a receipt proving that; I’ll DM it to you now.

Ye 325 might be a tad steep… @craj1031tx

Plus why not just post the receipt here . @craj1031tx


All items are now sold. Mods, please close this thread if needed. Thank you!