[USA] (WTB) Trampa Bull Bars

Need them to carry headlights.

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Location would help.


USA, Pennsylvania

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Got mine in 4 days from trampa to the US


I’m so tired of giving UPS UK my money- what is that fee, a tax? A UK tax?

Which fee? It’s like $20 for shipping and it arrives faster than shit from the next state over?

US orders don’t have to pay VAT either, hell I think we get stuff cheaper than UK residents do from Trampa even with the shipping.


I’ve paid over $100 in shipping charges for each of the last 3 times I’ve ordered from them.

This is just the brutal reality of international shipping. It’s been the same for a long time. But especially bad currently

I think you’re missing the cheaper drop down option for shipping. It defaults to “Express Service” that yes, is over $100, but if you look through the options, there’s one that runs roughly $20 for most stuff I’ve ordered… You have to look for “UPS Worldwide Saver” option in the shipping dropdown.

I just checked and even for a complete fullsize board from them, 4 day worldwide saver, was only $86 at current exchange, and the “Complete Mountainboard Bull-bar” setup is approx $20 as I said. At least to me here in the mountains of western NC.

I will be the first to admit however, that their website is confusing, yes.

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No, I choose the cheapest option, which is usually about $40. It’s the additional $60 that UPS collects from me upon delivery that takes it over $100.

Yup that’s the ups fuck around.
I‘m not US based, but it’s always the same.
Shipping seems reasonable, you order and than there is a fee for this and that, if it hit the tax free limit you need to pay a broker to make the import documents for you etc etc.
I think I topped out at 130€ for delivery on a 150€ order once (standard shipping, no express) :man_shrugging:


I’ve never been hit with anything from UPS, and get lots of shit from international, the limits on personal goods from most countries are reasonably high per year and most of the time customs doesn’t seem to even bother for non-business customers from most countries, unless there’s a trade dispute.

What does UPS claim the fee is?

A brokerage fee.

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@glyphiks is trialling a massive bull bar. But he and it is in Australia.

I don’t think people in Europe, Russia etc will share this opinion with you :sweat_smile:


The brokerage fee is a scam. Hold on let me find the guide


Are you in USA ? It’s rare but I’ve seen it. Usually Canadians get his with it. I’m unsure why you see them at all. Into USA should be no problem under $800


Yeah for sure, I know you guys get hit with it all the time, definitely get my sympathies. I just meant here in the USA, I’ve rarely gotten any customs fees. Although businesses will usually.

you think that would fit with 6396’s? Can’t tell by the angle if the motors would clear.

Yes, I’ve been reading about being my own broker, and self clearing my own packages. I’m going to try it next time they try to get me.

@Brently the top tube is adjustable. I cut it to fit

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