[USA] Spintend ESC for sale ( UBOX V2 100V )

Spintend UBOX V2 100V VESC

Brand new ESC, never got used in any of my builds so its just sitting around
Comes with all wires, power button, 120A fuse, anti-spark XT90 connector, Bluetooth module and some stickers.

Price $300:



I got 250$ thats it can you swing it my poor fren h bulldog his ride is toast i should have never bought a tenka

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I can do $280 and ill include shipping. How’s that?

If the other dude pulls out would you be willing to trade for two 80100 APS motors

I honestly have 250 till tuesday with the banks being closed for holiday

No worries, i can wait.

I am looking for motors but those are too much for me. Thanks of the offer though.

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I also have two 6384 flipsky motors if your intrested in those