[USA-OH] [WTB] Looking for a Verreal TTRS, Apsuboard X1/2, or Vestar V2 as my first ESK8.

I have done quite a bit of research and initially I wanted to convert my longboard to a dual belt drive board, but esc and battery packs are too expensive for me (college student). I figured just getting a pre-built board that already has a minimum 24 mph speed and more than 12-mile range is better. Since these boards have Hobbywing esc’s and at least 10s4p battery packs.

I am looking for a apsuboard first since it is the cheapest of the 3, but still will consider other boards.


Whats the most you want to spend?

Zealots are on sale rn. I’d go that route in your situation.


For a new board, $500-$700. For a used board $300-$400. I would also be willing to spend $200 on a esc+battery pack, for the diy route.

What part of Ohio? I’m in Cincy whenever you get your board!

I live in Cleveland and go to school at Miami University (OH)

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I have a complete custom board with 12s4p I can sell for 700


I’m guessing not the TB40, though.

It is the tb40 lol, I just finished the build, it’s back and running finally

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Steal there. I would jump on this, OP.

12s4p tb40 for $700? That’s a banger deal. Buy this op


I can sell it as dual motor belt drive on 97mm wheels or single gear drive with 6374 motor

Anyway you could remove certain parts for cheaper parts to make the price smaller. The deal is amazing but still a lot for me. Battery and esc can stay the same. Also is the TB40 the board from torque board ?

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Well the board has over 1200 in parts already😅, and it’s basically new. I can sell a single belt drive with the battery and a single esc and the 97mm wheels. 25 mile range, 30-40mph top speed for a little less. 600 is like the lowest I can do if I put less parts in it. I can also throw in a ton of extra stuff if you ever want to mess around with ut

Sent you a pm!