[USA] Nicest Bro Deck in the solar system $600

Building a 4WD Bro?? Treat yourself to the nicest Bro ever made.

-Internal wire routing for 4wd
-Beautiful flower and skull skin on bottom
-carbon fiber skin on top
-black frit applied to stance area.

I really want to keep and build this out, but truthfully there are at least 10 projects ahead of this bad boy.

Pinup bomber deck already sold

A steal at $600 plus shipping!


That graphic is sooo cool


Wow! I never thought I would see this deck. How long have you had it?

Sender was commissioned a few years ago to do this deck for a friend of mine and @BigBen. He picked the artwork and we talked through the wiring etc… and then nothing, Weeks rolled into months which rolled into a year and more I think. Our friend got well and truly fucked off and told him to stuff it and that was the last I heard of it until now. I think some of the parts destined for this are still under bens workbench. Funny how these things happen. Instead we built a bro deck up for him, pink “full send” trucks if you have seen it.


Please tell me money didn’t exchange hands?


Sorry @Lee_Wright it seems that almost everything he sold was stolen. Kaly, Lacroix, customers, Apex were all hit.

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And for the record, I was told the customer wouldn’t pay.


Na, no money exchanged hands thankfully. Was just really strange to see this as I assumed it just never happened but obviously he went ahead with it anyways

@abusfullofnuns oh I’m sure, well it’s kinda the truth, after a year of waiting he told Sender he didn’t want it anymore


Open and shut future board of the year winner here.

Don’t make me build it and take your prizes.