[USA Michigan] VESC PARTY for Everybody

OG focbox 1.6 with extended motor wires - 2 Qty

These work great been sitting in my closet for over two years. I’m running a focbox special if you buy these as a set I will include a free Metr pro can. The only catch is I’m missing one of the wires for the metr. Should be easy to find!! I might have a free heatsink for the pair to.
90 each (USD) or 170 shipped

Og Focbox 1.6 - 1Qty

This focbox works great too but sometimes you need to wiggle the usb port to get it working, I will sell this at a discount.

75 (USD) shipped

Torque Board Vesc 6 on a cheap heatsink- 1Qty

Works great had no issues.

90 (USD) shipped


Bump I will let go of the lot for 200 shipped all together Bump

Still all available at 200?

No I’m sorry I sold them. But I still have a slightly used skp solo dual vesc for 300 if you are interested