(USA) "I love free shipping" Garage Sale

Ok, have kid due this month, clearing out the shop in preparation. All prices include shipping to the continental US (preferred). Shipping to other locations possible with shipping quote. Please be patient with me, sometimes I can’t reply right away, give me a few hours if you send a PM and I don’t get back right away (I go to bed early). Ok, on with the sale!

1 pair TB218 new never used trucks $55 shipped

Single TB 218 hanger, no baseplate $25 shipped.

Dickyho single drive esc (aka ebay esc) includes 10s esc (can be converted to 7s or 6s), remote, battery meter. New in box, 40shipped.

2x 6355 260kv motors $40 each shipped

That’s it for now, I’ll post more as I dig stuff out🍺


Can I reserve the bkb mounts for shipping to Aus will pay freight

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Sure, all of them? Pm with shipping info!

I call dibs on the drivetrain

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I’ll buy those if parted-out, especially the motors

2 seconds late, I already sold you motors, get outta here


Let the grown ups talk…lol
He’s offering asking price!


You got the esc…lol

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Ninja’d by 2 seconds ha ha


Send me 10$ PayPal and I’ll give em to you, lol

I owe my boy @KaramQ a favor, he’s hooked me up good👍


Would you ship two Argentina the complete drive train?

Dive train pending… I will let you know if anything changes

OK TB 218 trucks plus 1 motor mount?

Which mount? The free one would be completly free, I’ll just out it in the box

BKB if they fit TB truck please, inward

Just the one? They are left and right… I want to keep the pairs together, if possible. PM shippin info and I’ll get a quote tomorrow🍺

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PM sent… Thank you…

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BKB pair for sure…

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I’ll take the rugged Dickyho mount.

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