[USA, Florida] Trampa eMTB Sale. SOLD

Not a lot of miles on this one. I built this a year ago but have not ridden it much due to a Focbox issue and a never ending rebuild. It’s all good now. Runs great. Looks great. I’ve never taken it off-road. I’m all about my NeoOne now so this one needs to go.

35° LONG TRAMPA Mountianboard Deck with new Griptape
Freebord S2 Bindings
Trampa Ultimates with Yellow Bushings
Superstar Wheels
8” Primo Alphas
Idea motor Mounts
Trampa 15/66 pulleys
Dual Focbox (will include original enclosures)
Top mounted 3dServisas Focbox Enclosure
Eboosted Battery and Enclosure
12S4P 30Q Li Ion 18650
Buildkitboards 6374 Motors
Exertion Nano-X (also have a torqueboards remote if you can’t stand Enertion :ok_hand:)
Custom Delrin Mount for Volt Meter
Flipsky V2.0 AntiSpark Switch Pro
eBay 12s 60amp BMS

As a bonus I’m throwing in a wall mount I made and a skate themed stand I made for electronic devices


Do you have a file for that custom voltmeter holder? Been postponing making one for ages

I’ll look for it.

If this gets parted out I call dibs on the ultimates and superstars hubs and tires!

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I’ll take second dibs on the trucks :wink:

No parting out


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Man. She is so pretty
I wish you would’ve taken my offer :pensive:

I was riding around the neighborhood today thinking this dude is crazy for not scooping this up :+1:

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I know you’re not parting out but if you change you mind, interested in battery pack

Updated first post with a couple new items that go with the sale

She’s so clean :heart_eyes::+1:t3:

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Highly Interesting

@Reelop19 any comment

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Sale time on eBay was 1:15 pm. I updated this listing at 12 something. I had no bids before my update. Board will be sent shortly.


I can see why he’s hesitant about ebay.

Between ebay and PayPal he’ll be charged close to 15% of final sale price In this case if he sold the board for $1800 he’ll be donating close to $270 :scream: