USA Evolve Carbon GT $800 plus shipping SOLD

Evolve Carbon GT

-Comes with AT and street wheels/conversion kit for both.

-The street wheels come with both 38T and 32T drive gears.

-The street wheels are abec 97mm black/green core refly. Maybe 5 miles on them.

-At wheels and trucks painted with green/black swirl pattern

Its got a few scratches and scuffs on the bottom as expected but its still in really good condition. It got abfew rides in back in the day, but I have so many other decks, so now it just sits there. It’s hard for me to list any of my decks but hopefully someone else puts it to use. For a board its size its still pretty damn light. I’ve always considered upgrading it.

I’m in Los Angeles for anyone wanting local pickup.


I’m moving to the LA area, Arcadia to be more specific, in about 2 weeks. If the board is still available I’d definitely be interested in purchasing. I’ll keep an eye out on your post here and then hit you up once I’m in town if I see it still for sale

Cool sounds good.

This is sold and can be closed. Thanks