[USA] Century Part Out

Hey Guys!!

Looking to part out the Century I built a few months back. Looking forward to building a 4WD MTB for some Desert riding out here in NM. Everything is lightly used and well taken care of. All the components are used and under 150 miles total use. Willing to negotiate multiple purchases.

PayPal preferred! DM for additional Payment Methods.

Available for Sale Below:

1. SR + XTLA Drive Train

Surfrodz RKP, XTLA Mount with extra Press Fits, Bowery Surf ABP. Comes with king pins, and few extra riptide bushings. Uses Boardnamics 10-8 Stepped Axels - Red Loctited. Motors, wheels not included.:
$150 (USD) + Shipping:

2. Raw Sabre Anti Sink Plates

Awesome product, look great:
$20 (USD) + Shipping:

SOLD - Not Available Unless Fall Through

SOLD eBoosted Century Enclosure

eBoosted Century enclosure. Has holes drilled for Unity power switch, standard barrel charge port, mr60 motor connections w/ fitting grommets, and hole drilled for a Davega.:

SOLD MBoards VESC and Antispark w/ BT Receiver

Used 50 miles in a single motor test build. Works good. PPM input soldered on. XT60 connectors all around:

SOLD Century CF Deck

Looks awesome, all holes original minus 1 hole to account for routing Davega. eBoosted did the inserts and hole drilling. CF version from eBoosted. Cut outs fitted for Unity Power Button, Standard Barrel Charger, and MR60 Motor Wires. Grommets included for MR60.:

SOLD 115mm Airless Tires w/ 45T Kegel Pulley

Used - Some marks on pulleys. Lots of life left on tires. About 200 miles on tires:

SOLD MBS Dyed Red Medium Bushing**

**Dyed red, prefer soft.:

SOLD Raw Davega

Comes complete with printed PLA plate for cable routing:

SOLD 6374 Flipsky Motors


SOLD Unity

Used, works great. Power included:

SOLD Green Puck w/ Printed PPB and Clear Shell

Green great condition. My print jobs is meh but it works and nice change. Clear has scratches from a slide in dirt.:

SOLD 12s4p 40T Battery

12s4p 40T battery with LLT BMS and Standard Barrel Charge port. Charge port is fused. BMS bypassed. No charger included. Less than 10 cycles. Works well, balanced well. Not a seasoned builder but can see the quality is great. Unsure if I will sell because of inherent risk but posting for now. Listing will be priced at cell value and BMS value. Offering the buyer a 30 day money back guarantee.:

SOLD Fucked Up ATC 72T Rock Star II Pulleys

Spray painted. No use. Hardware included. If you can clean them, they’ll look great!:

SOLD Various Belts

Collection of belts with no use here. Add to any purchase:


I know @Nacho was interested in the motors, which I don’t need, and I’m not a fan of those wheels, but the rest of that drive train is looking good. Pm me if you want, or I’ll hit you up when I get off work!


Motors sold. Adjusting Drive Train price.

Puck available? I want it

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Yup. With the shells.

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@DavidF maybe this unity if you are interested


2nd in line for the puck

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Thanks for letting me know
Unfortunatly, still broke :crazy_face:


Motors, Puck, Davega, Battery, ATC Pulleys, Belts - SOLD

Unity SOLD

Eboosted do the inserts? Any pics of that work? This is the carbon one?

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Correct, eboosted drilled the holes and did the inserts. I did the enclosure holes for motor, phase, Davega.

I can rip up the grip tape if you like


Don’t do it on my account. I’m a bit too cheap to go for it and I’d really just want the deck unless it was DS. I’m sure it will sell.


No, mine :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Heads up, orders going out this evening. Just waiting on my kids to get off the bus for school


Wheels, MBS Bushings SOLD

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@Scepterr grab that abs…

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@cfelzien you need this esc?


if he doesnt ill grab it up with the drive train on wednesday or thursday xD my funding has increased, but im still as broke as i let myself get til these 2 checks hit this week.