[US] [WTS] Trampa 154 KV motor(s) used

I’m selling 2 Trampa 154 KV motors. They came on an Orrsom longboard and were used for about 3 weeks until I installed 2 Maytech 200 kv motors for more speed as I ride on streets. One of the motors works great but the other one doesn’t turn well because it got messed up when I was getting the pulleys off. I think it’s a bearing issue but can’t say for sure. There is also a dent in the top cover plate. I tried to take it apart and one of the screws got stripped out. I am including the partially disassembled motor for free with the good one. Anyways if you are good at rebuilding motors then these will be perfect for you. $75

for both shipped in the USA.

What size are these? 6364?

Yes. Here’s a link to the Trampa product page.

If you are interested make an offer, these are just taking up room in a drawer.

Can you ship to EU ?

Sale pending, I will update when sold. Thanks

Sold. Please close this thread :+1:

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