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[US] [WTS] new abec 107s

Selling new evolve abec 107s for 90$ plus shipping and PayPal fees

Used abec 107s for 80$ plus shipping and PayPal fees


Still up for grabs

Where are you at?

San Francisco

Wheels still available

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Can u check shipping to Toronto, Canada?

Yes I’ll check could you pm me your address so I can look it up thank you

The ones with green core are used 90$
Yellow core are new 100$

Hey, you still haven’t gotten back to me with shipping lol.

Dude sorry about that let me get back to you

Still available for sale. Price drop. 1 set new 2 sets used

pm’d you

Do you still have the Abec107s?


If the diy esk8 parts market had an Index, it would be the price of Evolve Abec 107.