[US] WTS For Sale: MBoards 12s3p 40T 21700 battery $150

12s3p 43.2V 12Ah 518Wh Pro Pack battery from Mboards with Samsung 40T cells for sale. Originally bought 2 years ago from another member who claimed it was never used and only charged once. I have never used it because I got different batteries, and it has been sitting inside my cool, air conditioned closet since then. Looking to offload ASAP since I’ll be moving soon. $150 OBO, not including shipping. Original retail price was $500 USD. Only willing to ship to United States.

What is current battery voltage? What voltage was it stored at?


The voltage is presently 48.75V, or 4.06V per cell. This is the voltage it was stored at.


What are the dimensions?

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Length: 435mm (would allocate 450mm for the wire that exits from the front)
Width: 143mm
Thickness: 23mm

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