(US) WTS: FeatherRemote + Receiver - $90 shipped

Prices could be negotiable depending on how mercury’s retrograde influences my mood, lol.

PM me with any questions.

Shipping within US ONLY

FeatherRemote + Receiver (Standard) // New // $90 shipped

  • Brand new, bench tested.
  • Boards built by @PickSix24, 3D prints courtesy of @Indiangummy, assembled by yours truly.

TORQUEBOARDS Really Big mf’n Wheels 110mm // Like New // $99 shipped

ABEC 11 Superfly 107mm Wheels // Lightly Used // $90 shipped SOLD

METR PRO v1.0 // Like New // $49 shipped // SOLD

Flipsky 40A Antispark Switch // Like New // $20 shipped SOLD

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I don’t know if it’s just me but the pictures don’t show

Yeah, that was my bad :smiley:

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It’s there only the one version of the METR Pro?

I…am not sure? I bought this last year during the black friday sale, so I imagine it’s the latest version at least.

Can I call dibs on it until I hear back from Roman?

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Yes you can

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Sweet, I’ve been looking for one for a little while now

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Would you consider shipping to Canada? I’ve been eyeing those 110s for a while.

If you don’t mind taking on the shipping cost, USPS priority international is $47 :frowning:

damn :frowning: that comes out to be the same as from torqueboards. guess ill have to pass. good luck with the sale!

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Yeah, I could go down a few bucks for the wheels, but shipping is killer.

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Update: Added FeatherRemote + Receiver and lowered prices.

I might be interested in the feather remote + reciever. Can’t buy it for another 2wks when I get paid but if you’re interested, get back to me :slight_smile:

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God damn really wishing I was in the states right now for the wheels. Coming to Canada anytime soon :wink:

Edit: pm’d to inquire more about shipping I really fucking want them

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Haha! I wish! Pm’d ya back!

2 weeks?! Lol, eh… maybe I could hold it for ya :wink:

If anybody is willing to buy it now, then feel free to sell it to them, I just started a new job and have been really looking for somebody selling a preassembled firefly :stuck_out_tongue:


Between the TBs and Superflys, which would you say is softer?

I’m not a great source for comparison, but I did find the 110s to be quite soft and cushy.
Methinks that’s the general consensus, at least within this thread: