(US) WTS - ESC / Remote / Drivetrain

I bought a Vestar V-1 board (https://vestarboard.com/collections/vestar-boards/products/v-2-vestarboard-longboard-dual-belt-drive-motor-electric-skateboard-with-wireless-remote) earlier this year with the intention of upgrading the parts as I figured out what I liked. After about 20 miles in I got a little water in the anti-spark switch which made the ESC not turn off so just upgraded everything at once.

Original Prices:

The ESC is twitchy for sure but I was able to get used to it and I think it is just the switch that is causing issues. Depends on your battery but it was plenty powerful for a starter board and got me up any hill I tried.

Buyer pays shipping from 97225 in Oregon. I am moving and need this stuff out of here this weekend so make me an offer!

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The motor drive kit is just this with a big mark up.

You might get like 100$ for it or less


Yep I get it! It’s getting out of my house this weekend one way or the other if anyone wants it

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Name your price?

Might make for a good shit build I give to people I hate in hopes they crash.(Friend board)


Welcome. Level matched you with Builder’s Forum. Good luck with sale.


I approve of this premedicated murder.


$50 + shipping?

For what?

$100 + shipping for everything

I think this has sold… thanks

All gone now thanks!