[US WTS] Custom dickyho TKP 8" off road kit


I need to sell my off road kit to make room for an upgrade. These are almost new (40mi of light use) and have been modified for 8" pneumatics. The front wheels have different hubs*

Asking $161 plus shipping, should fit in a $19 flat rate box or I can use a cheaper (but slower) shipping method

Kit includes…

  • 2x 330mm TKP trucks with bushings
  • mounting hardware (screws, nuts, and 6mm shock pads)
  • 2x motor mounts with clamps and reinforced cross bar/carry handle
  • 4x 8" pneumatic wheels with tires and tubes
  • 2x extra tubes
  • pulley hardware (2x 12T pulleys, 3x 495mm x 15mm belts)

Just add 2x motors for a complete off road drive kit! The ride is super smooth even on uneven sidewalks, but it’s to beefy for my shorter campus build

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Bump! Ordered replacement hubs, now all are aluminum! Includes 2x extra tubes

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Let me know if you part stuff out. Its not like i need any of this but i might buy it out of lack of self control.

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I am interested. Same reason, lack of self control.

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Would it be shippable to Canada?

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Sure, shipping would be a lot more though. Currently have 3 in line for it, wanna be added to the queue?

Sure. The mounts are for what sized motors?

It accepts standard 63xx and 50xx motors, anything up to xx84

Edit: it would accept 68xx if you take the brace off but I dont recommend it

So…I can’t go crazy with 80xx. That’s a bummer XD

You probably can, depending on how you angle the mounts to the deck

Can they be reversed?

This is the board I would mount those to

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Yup, mounts can face anywhere

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@mmaner getting ready to ship out, take her down!