[US] WTB motors esc mounts ect.

Hey everyone currently trying to turn my longboard (landyachts wolfshark caliber 2 trucks) into an eskate. Already bought a 10s4p batt so building around that.

Looking for a dual vesc or esc around $100
Comparable remote and receiver $35-45

Dual motors with caliber 2 brackets and hardware (abec) $150

Flexible budget just looking to get started building first board local is 29456

Damn brother. Trying to reach the sky from the bottom of the sea!

You’ll need more than $300 if you want a decent drivetrain

Good luck :+1:t3:


Thanks man as I way saying budget is flexible just wanted to see if anyone had some basic parts so I could throw something together and upgrade as I see fit


Agreed, buy nice or buy twice :man_shrugging:t2:


yeah, come up to 500 ish and u might be in business…

im wrapping up a gift board for my brother now and even with spare parts n shit I had already around i had to lay out 300 to get some things to make it happen making this board closer to 500 ish had I not had left overs…


you’ll be best off just doing a lot of research and buying these parts new when you can. Buy right or buy twice. I’m in the process of building my first Esk8 and already have spent around $800 trying to go as budget friendly as i can. you don’t want questionable electronics or motors. especially at that price you’re not going to get anything amazing\

you can get cheaper parts but really you’re not going to be getting anything much cheaper unless its less reliable. look at the parts market section of the forum to see what people are asking and looking for when buying used.

if you’re going to buy anything search for the name of the item on the forum first. there might be a post reviewing it or a warning against buying it.

Dont forget that this is for reverse mounting (although frankly I dont know what the difference is between this and the front facing mounts)

But heres a link to the ‘regular’ ones, just in case.

(it looks like the length of the mount? :thinking:)

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i confirmed with TB that the only difference is the reverse is slightly longer to clear the base plate a little better for more clearance. they both can be mounted either direction.


what kind of wheels do you have ? youll probably need a new bigger set with the matching pulley system, these are on sale right now.

feel free to message me with any questions. it would be much more helpful to know what you’re trying to accomplish in your build and what type of terrain youll be riding it in ( flat, hills, etc.)

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hey i have a dual vesc, antispark switch and remote. they’re all integrated into the VESC

i’m asking $199 for it. PM for pics if you’re interested

ended up blowing up my budget getting single motor TB mech kit w/ 97mm wheels , 6355, tb vesc, nano remote/receiver. a anti spark switch, batt meter, enclosure, misc connectors. with goal of dual 6355 off my 10s4p. hopefully this thing turns out well after busting my wallet open. if anyone thinks im missing something let me know.


Wait until you really dive into the hobby :smile: that’s barely bustin your wallet open :woozy_face:


right ? that’s low range budget. still solid for a first build for sure!

glad to hear you’re going to be getting some great parts! you’ll have no regrets, trust me!

I’m assuming a few values but you should get about 31mph top speed and 24mph range. you can use the vesc to lower the top speed and increase range though, you can do a ton of changes, you should read up over here!



Yeah I stopped counting after like 1500$ on my first build lol

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what type of riding are you planning on doing ? how hilly is your area ?

yeah… counting the deck and enclosure im about $1100 i think :joy: i don’t want to know anymore…

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Yup exactly you start not wanting to know or check your bank account :grin:

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once the card gets declined you know the build is done :grin:

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Well I used to downhill longboard and now I’m in an area with little to no hills so I gotta get speed somehow and my legs ain’t doing it for me. Mainly just want to cruise around town take it with me to the beach and whatnot