[US] WTB Boardnamics 270/Torqueboard 280mm hanger

I’m currently using TB218 trucks, my rear wheels hit the deck if I turn too hard. Looking for torqueboards/BN trucks to use with my current motor mount. Torqueboards doesn’t sell the 280s individually (only with a prebuilt), and I’m just looking for 1 hanger, thanks!

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:hash:righttorepair I guess

@Boardnamics sell this man 2/2 of a hanger

Do you have a photo?

Sometimes cutting the deck a little bit could be a better option, depending on a lot of things.

Boardnamics is on backorder

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Don’t worry we can dig a tunnel to China :hole:

Through the core, or around it?

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I heard a rumor they will be back in stock by Friday.
Who knows if it’s true…:sunglasses:


Should’ve added, looking for BN270s as well, probably gonna need a mount for 63xx motor if the torqueboard mount doesn’t fit