Us, wtb 6389 190kv

Need one maytech 6389 190 Kv motor, or someone who could point me in the direction of getting this fixed ASAP

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Could be soldered back together if you are lucky…
Scrape the enamel coating of the broken winding and solder back together.
(if it’s too short a small piece of wire with the same diameter could work as an extension)
Afterwards insulate with kapton and or epoxy.

How did that happen?

I’d epoxy both sides so you know it won’t move again, solder it back by scraping the enamel off, and then epoxy over that. But it’s extremely intricate and tedious and if you so much as nick any other wire it’s probably game over.


Honestly don’t know how it happened, it was sitting in a box while I waited for new bearings. Noticed when I went to put back together. Thanks for the answers boys

Don’t nick the metal stator lamination plates either because they are insulated from each other.

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